How to set up a secure software company

This post will explain how to set up a company in Australia which runs on O365 (Microsoft Office 365) and AWS (Amazon Web Services). You might like to use Google Suite instead of O365 or Azure instead of AWS. If so then you are reading the wrong guide. If you are not Australians in Australia [...]

Infra DB

I spent today playing around in a Clojure REPL to try and see if I can't recreate the Terraform experience. Terraform works by a three-way reconciliation process between your code, your tfstate and your actual resources in AWS. Each item in your code has a name such as aws_subnet.foo and its attributes are aws_subnet.foo.id and [...]

Python as a lingua franca

A lingua franca is a way for people from different countries to communicate with one another when they might speak different languages at home. I suspect that Python is a lingua franca for machine learning because there is a small group of people who insist on open source software. This minority sets the pattern for [...]

Wikipedia grows over time

Wikipedia grows over time by accreting information. No information is overwritten, all history is kept. Non ci si preoccupi eccessivamente di fare eventuali pasticci: tutte le versioni precedenti di una voce vengono salvate, per cui è impossibile danneggiare Wikipedia in maniera irreparabile. Ma ci si ricordi, allo stesso modo, che tutto ciò che si scrive [...]